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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting provides a perfect cut every time, even on hard stainless steel. Complex countours, small holes and narrow webs come off our lasers clean and burr-free. If your requirements call for consistency and accuracy throughout a job, you can count on our computer-controlled lasers to deliver. All we need is your CAD file, blueprints, drawings or sample pieces.


Manual and Robotic Forming

Manual and Robotic Forming

We specialize in light to medium gauge sheet metal fabrication, especially carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum sheet stock up to 0.375" thick. Our experienced staff can accurately form practically any shape from virtually any material.

Robotic Forming

For our high volume bending applications we offer Robotic forming. With lights out capabilities it is a cost effective solution for your forming needs. An essential part of the system is offline software, with which the operator can create bending cycles automatically in the office as well as create programs for the robot and the press brake.

Manual Forming

We have a large inventory of hydraulic and ...

Resistance, Spot & Robotic Welding

At Concise Industries we take pride in our welding operations. All of our welding personnel are trained and tested in the classroom, and then must pass welding skills tests and become certified for the process they will be using by either the American Welding Society and/or Canadian Welding Bureau. Each welder follows a weld procedure specification during production to ensure your product is welded to your requirements. A Certified Welding Inspector is on staff to help maintain current jobs as well as to set up new jobs. We can follow your company written Weld Specification, or recommend an existing Weld Specification that suits your product, so you can be sure your product is welded correctly and to industry standards.

Turret Punching

Concise Industries contiuned investment in state of the art turret technologies provides our customers reduced manufacturing costs through versatility, a reduction in sheet material consumption and a dramatic decrease in total manufacturing time.

With our laser/punch the availability of punching, forming, tapping, marking and laser cutting capacity in an integrated machine tool means manufacturing can be planned for optimum quality and speed of production.

SHEAR GENIUS® is based on the integration of right angle shearing into high-quality, high performance punching, as mastered by FINN-POWER in stand-alone turret punch presses. This integration helps fully utilise the manufacturing economy offered by efficient nesting ...

CNC Machining

CNC machining centers are utilized at Concise Industries for performing secondary operations to stampings, forgings, sheet metal parts and for some projects that require production machining.

All of the machining centers used at Concise Industries are CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled), which are programmed with the machining requirements for speed and accuracy. CNC machining centers have their own tool changers and have the ability to change between tools automatically in just seconds. By offering in-house secondary machining and productions services, Concise Industries adds value to its customers by eliminating the need to re-source before delivery of completed parts. This controls costs and makes scheduling easier.

Tube Rolling and Bending

Concise Industries tube rolling/bending machines with hydraulic double-pinch angle rollers has a capability of rolling or bending various types and shapes of materials including flat, round and rectangular tubing from 3/8-inch to four inches in diameter U-shaped.

In one application it is used to bend rectangular tubing for the roll cages for the martial handling industry .

Punch Press Stamping

Our high-speed presses help reduce labor costs for metal stampings. Prototypes, short runs or long production runs from 5,000 to 500,000 pieces are handled quickly and easily. Press capacities are extensive (up to 200 tons) and attain speeds of up to 300 strokes-per-minute. Presses are fed automatically with metal coil or strip.

Progressive die stamping is an Concise specialty with precision obtained by a combination of man and machine. Though our processes are automated, they still require our highly trained and skilled operators to achieve the exacting tolerances you need and expect.

Custom Finishing

We will provide you with any one of our custom finishes on your metal fabrication parts.

Our Quality control department will further check and ensure if the painting is applied uniformly thus providing you an excellent finishing.

Assembly And Testing

Concise can meet your entire contract manufacturing needs with our diverse assembly capabilities and wide range of electrical, mechanical and electro-mechanical assembly services, testing all products to your exact requirements.

What ever your assembly work is we have the skills and experience to meet your assembly and testing needs.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Precision sheet metal fabrication is central to what we do, in five manufacturing facilities comprising over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space and including a comprehensive range of metal forming equipment. The enormous and flexible capacities we can bring to bear in the manufacture of your sheet metal parts include CNC Machining, Laser Cutting Technology, CNC punch press (turret punch), robotic welding and spot welding services, chrome plating, liquid paint, powder coating, silk screening, pad printing and more


Concise Industries Mission

Concise Industries will continuously strive to be the “BEST IN THE BUSINESS” while upholding “WORLD CLASS ETHICS” as a supplier of precision metal fabrications and complex sub assemblies to our customers. Our goal is to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction while instilling throughout the organization an attitude that: “Quality is our most important product”